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Thanks for visiting my site. I am a proud father of two great kids. I am also a former Pro Beach Volleyball Player and a former diplomat having been posted to Beijing China in the late 1990's

Recently I have been a home based entreprenuer, as well as mixing in political photography.

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Rob Keating photographing Malcolm Turnbull at Parliament House

Rob Keating, that's me. I am a former pro beach and indoor volleyball player. I reached several finals on the pro tour but was not quite able to grab an elusive title win. I also was part of the successful Panthers volleyball team that won many ACT State League titles as well as the prestigious Good Neighbour title in 1987 and 1988.

My college volleyball team won the Australian schools championship in 1984.

I worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 1986 to 2010 in a variety of roles and was posted to Beijing in 1997-98.

I decided to pursue a life of freedom by taking control of my destiny in 2010. Things didn't quite go to plan and it was a bit of a struggle for several years. Having shingles didn't help matters.

Recently I was fortunate enough to find an amazing mentor to push him towards the success he always craved. Part of being a leader is learning new skills and passing them onto others.

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Rob does marketing for several local businesses around Canberra, as well as for his own business.

I have over 20 years experience with web design and ten years of marketing experience.

Stock Photo Sales

I take photos at many political events including inside the chambers of Parliament House. I have a photo sales website that I invite you to visit if interested in purchasing photos.

I am an accredited photographer for both houses of parliament which means I can provide photos taken inside the House of Reps and the Senate.

Sports App

Rob is a sports lover and plays one of the hottest sports apps. Join me in playing the FireFan app by visiting either the App store or Google play and using robkeating as your code. Or use this link

You can join my league which is Aussies United, we can then go head-to-head as we watch live sports, currently the NFL.

A photo by Rob Keating showing the Prime Minister of Australia speaking in parliament

I love Canberra

Canberra is a great place to live and to raise children.